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Considering the current economy , social environment are permeated with penetrating echoes of reality wich are richly linked due to an exchange of messages which is reciprocal and noterworthy.
The horizon is no longer the traditional one ; the newest stimuli have had a significant effect on our vision of the world and every individual's emotional endurance is seriously put to the test .
Competition , both social/work-related or social , takes place on a wider scale. The standards to which one is espected to compare to go beyond consolidated boundaries. Moreover , while these standards are
based on the assumption that there will be a future evolution , very often no such evolution takes place , yet , in any case , results in rhytms which are accellerated and off track.
It is easy to lose one's emotional bearings and be incapable of seeing in wich channel one's aspirations should converge.
Neurania's studies are precisely addressed to those institutional environments wich pay least attention to the above problem and one of its main objectives is to lead , stimulate and guide every individual towards environments which put him at his ease.
While this disorientation burdens , sometimes quite heavily , people of every disposition , for others it is the emotional basis itself that is very painful. It is to the latter that we would like to dedicate a great part of our guidance - to those gifted with a particular talent , a significant artistic sensibility , or an unusual ability for global introspection.
The lack of a common base in social relations , emotional diversity , and potent entreaties from inside ourselves are all signs of a complex yet unsatisfied affectivity as well as of a strong drive to attain a deep creativity.The way in which other people interpret the above mentioned is formal and lacking in any real attention or understanding.
The global mission of society , wihich moves in such a frenetic way to reach objectives that are often improbable , generates unease. This is a legitimate unease despite the fact that psycological interpretations often furnish responses of senseless blame to those who suffer from it. We find ourselves , therefore , in an environment founded entirely on one central social calibration , where the impulse to explore and cover its estreme corners has never been given. It is precisely for those who breathe in the less visible corners that survival is more difficult .
There are two different areas , extreme and uncovered ,which are very distant from each other although it must be said that its human nature to want to group them together . In fact , they are linked by the exile that they both feel . However , while the sad exile of the handicapped is painful yet unchanging .,what is devastating the exile of those whose energyis suffocated and compressed.
It is common to give precedence to one of above two conditions , namely the handicapped , who are usually given emotional and psychological support . However , this is not easy , as no real communication takes place except that towards the individual assistant.
On the other hand , recognizing and supporting the more capable individual would have much vaster results.This is why it is necessary to add similar yet more complex initiatives to the social work that is most usually done.
The intention of our Institute is , therefore , to create a willingness in people not to sacrifice and further umiliate this energy –
energy which is often dulled because it is not identified in a clear way , or even worse , is annulled by the self because it is not called upon to be of any use . On the other hand , forcing a creative person to think along narrow - minded lines compresses his sensitivity to such a degree that the result is a dangerous emotional explosion which is often responsible for phisical self - annulment.
In conclusion , there is an urgency wich is not a product of whimsical frenzy . The passage of time imposes and dictates the making of choices will have an influence which is serously binding on the path the rest of his life will take.


The principal reason for the very existence of Neurania is the desire to single out methods of reinterpreting states of psychological conflicts , thereby surpassing the standard diagnosese to which they are automatically subject to .
Our goal , therefore , is to propose new hypotheses , with the aim of decisively overturning some current psychiatric formulas in the attempt to give back dignity to beaten , misdirected and ruined thoughts. These are the thoughts of people gifted with a particular talent characterized by a strong propensity towards intuition as well as global introspection. It is necessary to remember that social "detachment" , relationship difficulties , as well as the lack emotional verification , are the inevitable burdens of this category of people and that for many years they have been an easy target for those tending to simplistic cataloguing of their pathological cases.
What has been lacking is the desire , or perhaps the capacity , to see and use an opposite set of codes which would be capable of discerning quality , particularity and preciousness in this sort of disconfort.
In fact the definition of a pathological trait falls apart as soon as one becomes aware of the uniqueness of the experiences to which it is connected . It is a specificity immersed in everyday life , a human pattern which is different due to its very temperament .
In virtue of the above , yes ,the insurgence of pathological configurations is plausible but on the condition that they are directed , influential and environmental.
On the other hand , if the exposure of a live bodily mass to inadequates temperatures causes the appearance of organic pathologies , in the same way , a cerebral mass exposed to emotional coldness and to the absence of complex affectivity undergoes a psychic devastation . These are the ecxlusive formulations recognized in the international ambits of Neurania.
The conflict can only be considered resolved by letting in a speculative - neurological key to search with - one that has overturned traditional values.
The psychic effect act as the steady companion of this disconfort are states of anxiety , panic , phobias and depressive states in general. Analysis of the above manifests the utility of these states as a legitimate configuration of defense which the organism adopts due to its modified emotional state of order.
This is an essential defense which is always expressed throught apparently exaggerated behavior. It is precisely this apparent excess in reactions which has always caused the psychiatric mislabeling of the condition as "ilness".The above is a misunderstanding , a condemnation capable of devastating someone already profundly struck and disoriented by a reality which is not his own.


Going back to a more general topic , it can be added that there have always been and steel exist today , tactical reasons wich lead to the carryng out of systematic demolition towards those whose intellect surpasses the norm.And to think that this very intellect , this accentuated dynamics of thougt , if well-cultivated , would have propaedeutical , helpful roles in activating those evolutional drives which humanity itself has the cyclical necessity to avail itself of.
One is often lavished with the zeal to srike , to attempt to mold , readapt and remodel some personalities in the attempt to make them fit inside tubes with a narrow diameter , using illicit psychological pressures to reach this goal. Moreover , it is easy to verify how the drive to obtain more subdued attitude and a lower degree of awareness , produces fewer social counterstrokes and does not eat away at the most common intellectual decorum.The latter is so jealously defended that it leads to the annulment of every cerebral entity which offers resistance because it comes from a different position - a profound human one.


The capacity to introduce correttive measures as well as the possibility of really supervising and safeguarding human functions have long been fascination. The scenario is hearth , rather moldable , expandable and condensable throught technological and media support. All this is in progression , an advance that is linked and dependent on the progression themselves , on mental dynamics , on thought processes.
However , these thoughts can give impulses to start the nervous system exchanges wich then lead to interventionon the outside , but only in a one way direction;outwardly. It is the opposite route wich has always had contrasted dynamics.

Understanding the journeys of organic an bodily functions , all in all mechanical and , in any case , adhering in their structure to the principles of physics , to the most evident earthly mechanism has been a journey wich began a long time ago and wich has had fruitful results.

In fact , bodily functionality is complex , even thought it adheres to consolidated rules. It is the central theme of study by the medical world. Mental analisys , on the other hand has remained largely incognito due precisely to the fact that studies directed towards it have been less direct.The brain , the intellect , and thoughts adhere only in part to measurables schemes according the usual techniques of calcolation wich ahave a total and substantial corrispondence to the logic of physics . Having made the above assumption it is possible to understand the difficulty in formulating a medical set of definitions regarding cerebral matters and in obtaining efficient reference points. The brain in activity does not easily provide to the scientific observers visual indications wich make possible the study of its most precious movements.

There is , therefore , a sratic state in the brain even in the presence of very dynamic functions of calculation , connection and gathering of information. The problem seems to be the following : the absence of tangibile activity from a metrical point of view , even if physically speaking , there is the presence of significant mobility.
All of the above has barred to the doctrines of external scopia and to psychiatric theories , access to the base formula of cerebral functioning.The results have beeen theories with uncertain backing , made with an excess of free will , based on formulations of automatic coding , schemes , the use of ‘basic pathologies’. All of this is really very incompatible with a subjekt that is so full of variables.
Direct access , neurocellular inspection wich is seriously lacking due to mediations wich have not really been verified as well as coercive filters , wich , in our option , act as a distraction from what are the real questions.
1995 all rights reserved - Andrea Ciampaglia

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